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  1. The images are Unedited and Low Res with water mark for View and Ordering purpose only.
  2. Select the Event Album you wish to order from.
  3. Select the drop down for different categories of the event album. You need not browse through all the images.
  4. For Individual Portraits TYPE YOUR SURNAME/ FIRST NAME in the search box.
  5. Add to Wish List the images you like to order.
  6. All the images from different albums and categories can be added to the WISH LIST.
  7. Once you have chosen all your images Go to WISH LIST.
  8. Here at WISH LIST you can select different Sizes, Color tones and Quantity and then click on "Add to Final Cart".
  9. Once you click on " Add to Final Cart " the images will be added to the "Final Cart".
  10. Additional sizes of the same images can be ordered multiple times by clicking on the " Add to Final Cart " button after selecting the required size and quantity.
  11. Please check your FINAL ORDER in the FINAL CART and Total Amount and then Proceed.
  12. Fill in your Information and Proceed to Pay.
  13. Pay online through different modes.
  14. You will receive a Confirmation of your ORDER NUMBER in your Email Id provided.
  15. Delivery schedule of the photos will be intimated to you on your mobile phones.